Women in Elected Office in the Equality State

Casper Star Tribune | November 28, 2021: Wyoming ranks near the bottom of the nation for female representation in the statehouse

Cowboy State Daily | November 22, 2021: Report: Wyoming Legislature Ranks Near Bottom for Representation of Women

Wall Street Journal: Wyoming Women Aim to Boost Representation

Rocket Miner: Governor appoints new Wyoming Council for Women board members

Cowgirl Run Fund Impact

Wyoming News Now: Non-Partisan PAC supports women running for office in Wyoming

Casper Star Tribune: New PAC focuses on increasing the number of women elected to office in Wyoming

Casper Star Tribune: In Wyoming, women rarely get elected to the Legislature. One group is looking to change that.

Wyoming Business Report: Advocates: Barriers to diverse voter turnout persist in the Equality State

CRF-Related Censure

Casper Star Tribune: Natrona County GOP member censured by state party for supporting women's PAC

US News & World Report: Wyoming Republican Party Censures Member for PAC Support

Nicolaysen: Attack on an individual promoting women in politics is idiotic for starters

Zeidler: True should be lauded, not censured

Casper Star Tribune Editorial board: Censuring support for women's equality is an embarrassing mistake

Rising Threats to Women in Elected Office

Cowboy State Daily: Ethete Legislator Claims Fellow Lawmaker Made Death Threat Against Her

Wyoming Tribune Eagle: Latest allegations of threats among lawmakers lead some to seek a return to civility

WyoFile: Wyoming lawmaker under investigation for alleged death threats

AP: Threats, vitriol aimed at women in positions of power

Carnegie Endowment: Tackling Online Abuse and Disinformation Targeting Women in Politics

Axios: Women politicians are under siege

Cowgirl Run Fund's Statement on Threats to Women in Elected Office: