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Campaigning While Social Distancing

How do you run a campaign while social distancing?

We hear this question over and over so we’ve gone out and consulted with the experts to hear what they have to say.

Chadderdon Lestingi Creative Strategies says, “We believe in this unprecedented and uncertain environment, the single best thing a candidate can do is be a resource and a comfort for voters. This may feel like a different goal than we would normally be facing. But truthfully, it is the same goal we have in every election: show people the candidate is ready to lead in times of crisis."

Being a resource and a comfort is showing real leadership right now.

So how do you do this?

Great news! You’re a candidate in Wyoming which means that you have uncommon grit, resilience, creativity, and are already well accustomed to vast distances between houses and neighbors. These are exactly the tools that the experts say are necessary to campaign—and, more importantly, lead—in this moment in time. Here are a few more recommendations we've been hearing:

  1. Be authentic in every communication

  2. Don’t underestimate the power of just checking in

  3. Listen first, share second

  4. Add value

And one more note from the experts:

Candidates are humans, too.

Make sure your audience sees that.

Over the next few weeks, Cowgirl Run Fund will provide specific suggestions to help you build your plan (or revise the one you started writing in the Before Times), craft an approach to social media communications, and find a community of other leaders to learn from and lean on. We'll also add links to trainings, webinars, and virtual events that might help inspire your thinking about your own campaign.

Something else you want to see, learn, do, or know? Hit us up with an email!


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