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Cowgirl Run Fund! In Your Inbox!

Although the world feels like it’s slowly coming to a standstill…

The beat here at Cowgirl Run Fund goes on!

So we're launching a little bit of a blog series over here on our website. Here's why: First, while we're going through this, it is nice to know other people are out there! (Research shows that connection can boost your immune system!) And, second, while it’s been tempting to hit pause and pick this effort back up when we return to some semblance of normal…We can’t.

We can't because campaign season is quickly approaching. Candidates will soon be announcing. Yard signs will be purchased and placed. And social media will roar with messages from candidates (especially women!) vying for our vote.

Which means here we are…in your inbox. Today! And every Wednesday. To stay in touch and to let you know what we’re up to.

We're still hard at work.

Last Sunday, we hosted a call with past, present, and--we hope!--future women elected officials. Next Sunday, we'll do it again. And the Sunday after that. And, hopefully, all the Sundays throughout campaign season. We want female leaders and candidates to have a space to talk about what it is like to campaign and lead in this "new normal."

We're gathering all the resources that we can to help you with your campaigns, too!

Yesterday, we joined a zoom meeting with political experts and elected women and candidates from across the country. (Pro-tip: Creativity will carry the day.) We'll be posting the great intel from that call *right here!* very soon.

We’re still recruiting local female candidates across the state--so if you're interested in joining, please let us know.

And we’re still in fundraising mode, too. Because leadership matters, now, more than ever. (If you’ve already contributed to our cause, THANK YOU. It matters! If you’d like to donate, please click here or use the hot pink button at the top of the page.)

And a quick heads up…

We’re hosting our next event in Rock Springs on Thursday, April 23, 2020, from 5:30pm – 7:00pm. (Okay, it’s kind of “in” Rock Springs, but truth be told, we’ll be virtual. You can Zoom in from anywhere!) We’ll spend 60 - 90 minutes cocktailing (byob!), conversating, and collaborating.

Hit us up for the details, and we'll make sure you can join us!

Before we hop out of your inbox, one last thing. Here are a few good reads for your quarantine:

Thank you for ALL you do to propel ALL women forward in the Equality State. Stay well, stay healthy, and stay home! We'll see you in your inbox next week!


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