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Fundraising While Social Distancing

In an earlier post, we shared information about how to campaign while social distancing. Then, we posted some links to free online trainings about how to fundraise while social distancing.

Whether you attended or couldn't make it, the basics are important and you probably can't hear fundraising tips and tricks too many times, so here's a quick recap:

Fundraising is a challenge in the best of times.

We’re in unprecedented times.

Yes, there is more uncertainty. No, there might not be as much money. But that doesn't mean you can't be extremely effective in your fundraising.

Because the clock *will* continue to count down to the election. So what fundraising experts to continue to remind us is that, even in the "new normal", campaigns are still a numbers game. Campaigns are still dependent on fundraising. You have to schedule time for it and then do it. And do it methodically.

So, with that in mind, here are a few things that you can do:

  • Make a plan: a list of people you know, a timeline, your trusted allies

  • Think strategically

  • Be creative

  • Focus on people you already know

  • Speak with donors in 1:1 zoom meetings

  • Ask for introductions

  • Host virtual Town Halls

  • Find hosts for virtual "house parties" and "cocktails and conversation"

  • Do fundraising follow up post-event

We can't stress enough that your job throughout this crisis is to share your leadership vision and be your authentic self. Offer yourself as a comfort and a resource. Connect with people personally so that they truly understand that you are the leader they seek.

Want to hear more from the experts? Check out the latest presentation from The Campaign School.


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