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Messaging 101

We want to recap just a few tools that candidates say they find helpful to frame their campaign messages.

First and foremost, here are the four things to keep in mind when developing your message:

  1. Audience: Who are you trying to reach?

  2. Format: How are you relaying your message?

  3. Call to Action: What are you trying to move people to do?

  4. Spokesperson: Who is delivering the message?

You can take this information to help you build a roadmap for your message.

Here are three formats work well; pick the one that suits you best--or experiment until you land on a process and message that reflects your campaign and candidacy.

Message Box

There are a couple of variations on this. You can simply answer these questions to get started:

  • Us on Us: What do we say about ourselves? How do we want to present our campaign?

  • Them on us: What do they say about us?

  • Us on them: What do we say about them?

  • Them on them: What are they out there saying about themselves?

Or checkout a less candidate-specific example and download it here.

SWOT Analysis

Message Triangle (this one comes from frontwoodstrategies.com)

Take some time this week to answer the questions, find a format you like, and start to build your messaging. Next week, we'll dig into the details of how to get earned media, answer questions from journalists, and prepare for interviews.

This messaging will be invaluable for that next step. Onward!


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