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Thank You for Running!

Updated: Apr 16

First and foremost: Thank you!

Thank you for running! (For those of you already in office: Thank you for service and for being willing to go out there and do it again!)

Thank you for stepping out in this uncertain moment to share your leadership gifts with all of us.

We're nonpartisan over here at the Cowgirl Run Fund. We don't care about parties, we care about leaders. We care that our candidates run great campaigns that are respectful, effective, and represent the change that each leader wants to see in her community.

And we want to see more women running and leading!


Because women leaders bring a lot to the table. Here's just one example--proven through study after study--of what women leaders have to offer:

"Women are more likely to lead through inspiration, transforming people’s attitudes and beliefs, and aligning people with meaning and purpose (rather than through carrots and sticks), than men are ... Transformational leadership is linked to higher levels of team engagement, performance, and productivity."

And transformational leadership is what we need right now.

So, to all of you who are running and leading, we want to say it one more time: Thank you!


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