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Campaign Messaging During a Global Crisis

Tuesday, April 21st, 1pm EST (1 hour) REGISTER HERE

Having clear, consistent, and concise messages is crucial during any campaign, but how should you adjust your campaign messaging during a massive and unprecedented crisis? Is there any hope of breaking through the noise? Can you still talk about local policy issues in the midst of global uncertainty? This webinar will focus on building or reshaping your message strategy and will give you tools for communicating your messages effectively.

Presenter: Nell Callahan, Founder, Frontwood Strategies

Presenting Your Best Self as a Virtual Candidate

Tuesday, April 28th, 1pm EST (1 hour) REGISTER HERE

Now that you’ve pivoted your campaign to a virtual reality, you’ll need to hone your communication and presentation skills via the webcam. This session will provide practical tips for looking and sounding your best on camera, hosting a professional virtual event and adjusting your presentation style based on the event (town hall vs. donor meet-up, for example), and effectively engaging and connecting with your audience even from a remote distance.

Presenters:Christine Jahnke, Founder, Positive Communications and Sarah Doud, Senior Trainer, Positive Communications 

Fundraising in the Age of COVID-19

Tuesday, May 5th, 1pm EST (1 hour) Registration will open shortly.

Fundraising is a crucial aspect of campaigning. But in the midst of a pandemic and a global economic crisis, what should candidates do?  Can you continue to fundraise? If so, what are the best ways to do so without seeming tone-deaf or out of touch? This webinar will walk you through some of the best strategies to employ right now to help keep your campaign financially viable while being mindful of the challenges of the current moment.

Presenter: Kimberly Peeler-Allen, Political Fundraising Expert and CAWP Visiting Practitioner


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